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At Buttonwood Homes, we re-imagine the possibilities with every home we purchase. Our goal is to design your dream home. Just think of the possibilities and we can Re-Imagine it to make your dreams come true!

Re-Imagine the Possibilities!

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Houses come in all shapes and sizes. All conditions. All specific to a time period or a homeowner's specific needs.  Those needs, those conditions, those configurations need to be re-imagined.

We bring old houses to life.  Outdated elements become updated details. We open up what was closed in.  And freshen up what was once stale.  Boring becomes beautiful.

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1705 Hartford Dr.

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2710 South Surrey

2710 S. Surrey Dr.

4617 Bethany Dr

2978 Country Place Circle

125 Eagle Ranch

1300 Parma Dr

709 S College St

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We want to buy your house! Any condition! Why? So we can Re-Imagined it, of course!
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Oversized Lot

Country Place Shady Lake Circle

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Re-Imagine the Possibilities